Scratch Games

Check out the games our children have been coding on Scratch.


Maisie 5N

Use the arrow keys to move the monkey around the maze and collect the bananas. Collect all the bananas and return home to win. Watch out for the witches and wizards!



Rio 5N

Collect all the muffins and return home with the rocket using the arrow keys. Don't get caught by the ghouls!



Holly 5R

Move the mouse around the maze with the arrow keys. Collect all the oranges and return home to win. Beware of the cats!



Mackenzie 5R

Click the left mouse button to 'whack' as many dinosaurs as you can in 30 seconds.



Ashleigh 5N

Eat as many fish as you can in 30 seconds controlling the shark with the mouse.



Elexa 5R

Control the magic wand with the mouse and click to hit as many starfish as you can in 30 seconds.