Read Write Inc.

Every child deserves success right from the start. We know that the sooner children learn to read, the greater their success at school. This is why we put reading at the heart of what we do.

We use a teaching programme called Read Write Inc. Phonics to teach our children to read and write. Each child is assessed every half term so we can place them in the group where they will make the most progress. We also provide extra daily one-to-one sessions to ensure no child falls behind.

Read Write Inc. Phonics depends upon children learning to read and write sounds effortlessly, so we make it simple and fun. Once the children are confident with this we move onto books which we know they can read. The children will first focus on reading the words carefully, then reading the story fluently and lastly talking about the story. Our aim is that books can be read confidently and with expression.

Read Write Inc. also incorporates spelling and handwriting. Very soon the children are able to write down their own ideas and sentences, drawing on new vocabulary and phrases from the storybook they have just read.

Story time is the highlight of everyday. When reading stories to children it provides them with varied and extensive vocabulary which they can then go on and use in all other areas.

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