As part of our commitment to provide all children at Welholme Academy with a rich and varied learning curriculum, we ensure that every child has the opportunity to experience a wide range of PE opportunities. At our school, PE plays a vital role in developing the whole child.

Within PE, we aim to:

  1. Ensure that every child has the same opportunity to take part in a wide, varied and rich PE Curriculum.
  2. Provide every child with the opportuntiy to take part in PE opportunities to ensure that they are physically active.
  3. Ensure that all children develop their skills in all areas of the PE curriculum.
  4. Ensure that all children play competitive sport in a fair and positive way, understanding the importance of winning, and losing, well.
  5. Encourage all children to take part in extra-curricular clubs and the many opportunities that they are provided with to take part in competitive sport.

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