Clothes at School

Our school colours are navy blue and white. The children may wear:

Black, grey or navy blue trousers/skirts/pinafore dresses in winter; white/blue polo shirts/blouses/shirts; navy blue sweatshirts/jumpers/cardigans;blue checked gingham dresses for the summer.

All uniform is available to buy from Uniform Direct online and also in the Grimsby town centre store.

NO jewellery, except a watch and one pair of plain stud earrings, to be worn in school. No Nail varnish should be worn.


To avoid any child ‘standing out’ in school, we remind all parents that extreme hair styles are not permitted in school. This includes ‘mohicans’ and patterns shaved into the hair. No hair gel is allowed in school.  No tattoos/transfers to be worn in school.

SHOES - It is very important that all children have FLAT (not heeled) black shoes for school as they play games etc. outside - jumping, skipping, balancing etc. so flat shoes are safer. TRAINERS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE SCHOOL FOOTWEAR!

HATS - We recommend your child has a sun hat with them in school at all times for outside play activities.

It helps children to feel safe and happy at school if they can fasten their own clothes and shoes.  It helps us too, as fastening 30+ pairs of shoes and coats takes a lot of time away from teaching.

Please do name each item of clothing very clearly, even shoes, as one blue shirt looks like another and one black P.E. shoe like another.

We encourage the children to take care of their own things and their own clothes.  Each child has their own coat peg/tray for their belongings.

PE Clothes

Foundation Stage pupils do not have PE lessons until later in the year. You will receive a letter informing you when their lessons will begin and what PE kit they will need. School drawstring P.E. bags are available from Uniform Direct. Please ensure that the bag is named.

Children will need a white t-shirt/ polo shirt, a pair of navy/black shorts and black plimsolls. In the winter months, children will need jogging bottoms and a long-sleeved sweatshirt for outdoor activities.

Jewellery in P.E.

No jewellery, e.g. earrings or watches, are to be worn during PE lessons. It can be dangerous and we want your child to be safe at all times. Please find out when your child does PE in the week so that they can either bring 2 plasters to cover their studs up or leave them out that day. We are sorry but staff are unable to take earrings out and replace them for your child (NE Lincs policy).

If your child is having their ears pierced, please do this at the beginning of the long summer holidays.


We do have a lost property box in each year group.

Buying from Uniform Direct Advice

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